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There’s a Next Step For Everyone

Whether you're a first timer at City Church or you've been hanging with us for years, there's always a next step to take. Scroll down and find what best fits you!

Take a step


Do you want to follow Jesus?

We are so excited that you’ve decided to follow Jesus! We cannot wait to walk you and help you grow in your faith! CLICK HERE TO LET US KNOW


Take the next steps with your faith and get baptized

We have special baptism services regularly, and we invite you to participate at our next baptism service. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


Join the City Church family

The Backyard is a quarterly gathering that meets immediately after our 11:00 am worship service. You’ve been to the house… Now we want to invite you to The Backyard. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


Our primary expression of community

These smaller gathering of people study the Bible together and apply it to their lives as they live on mission together throughout the city. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


Help make a way for others to experience Jesus

We want to help connect you with a team that you are passionate about serve with. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE